6 Best Platforms to Watch Wealth Management News and Analysis

Hafiz N Nayla

6 Best Platforms to Watch Wealth Management News and Analysis

Wealth management can be likened to nurturing a child; it requires step-by-step instructions on how to make it work perfectly. Opinions shared on Collected.Reviews corroborate the fact that wealth management requires a lot of conscious efforts and patience to avoid loss. You are reading the news, watching the television, assessing financial management firms all in a bid to gain insight.

Below are six (6) best platforms to watch wealth management News and Analysis.

1.          The Wall Street Journal:

This is the finance sector’s top daily publisher, leading over a hundred. The Wall Street Journal has such keen interest in wealth management that it has managed to strike a force in the finance sector, making it people’s top choice. Almost all finance sectors do the same work as the others, but one thing that makes WSJ unique is the fact that it has a growing collection of internally produced columns.

2.          Google Finance:

Google Finance was created by Google in the year 2006 to compete with leading wealth management analysis sectors by creating financial information for curious users. It has DIY projects for up-and-coming investors. The agency is browser-based and aggregative of Google News and Google Blog Search results.

3.          Yahoo! Finance:

created on Jan. 19, 1997, by the Yahoo network. Yahoo network contributes to the provision of financial aid and analysis of Data. Though Yahoo Finance has content creators working overtime to provide original monetary pieces of information, they still make use of content from partner websites. It was recently ranked 15th on the list of largest and biggest producers of financial information by SIMILARWEB.

4.          Finnyvest:

Finnyvest is a very strong market research value that helps to keep your finance secure with the use of unprecedented tools and pieces of equipment. It has a comparison option for users to make better financial choices. It provides news and other financial information needed to study trends, stock prices, and other investment tools and financial management firms.

5.          Morningstar:

Morningstar is a wealth management agency established by Joe Mansueto in Chicago, United States 1984. It’s a financial information aid with its headquarters in Illinois, United States. As of January 2021, its generated revenue is rated about 1.4 Billion U.S dollars with about over 3000 employees. It also provides an array of investment management services for users.

6.          Trade-Ideas:

Founded in 2003, Trade Ideas is said to be backed by a team of professionals adept at artificial intelligence. The company is located in California and specializes in automation, trading, custom trading, artificial intelligence, trading strategies, backtesting, decision support, and so on. Being privately held, the company can be found in the industry of computer software.


Wealth management is dicey and tricky. Aside from that, it is procedural and instructive. If you are looking to get the best out of your wealth, you need to study trends and follow the opinions of those who have been miles ahead of you. Listed above are 6 platforms to learn more about wealth and investment decisions.

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